On February 24th 2014, the Anti-Homosexuality Act, also known as the "Kill the Gays Bill" was signed by the president of Uganda. On February 27th we highjacked Uganda's flag and silkscreened a limited series of 50 posters to support human rights world wide. 
We sent the first print to Mister President Museveni. We've yet to hear from him. 

01 AFLAGFORUGANDA_map-02.png

The goal of this project is to continue to speak out against this damaging piece of law and promote human rights world wide. You can support the cause by simply sharing this page.
All proceeds went to Amnesty International Canada, who work with local LGBT organizations on the ground in need of direct support.

Contact: aflagforuganda@gmail.com

An initiative by Jason Cantoro and Roeben Beddeleem
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